How to add NORD liquidity on Pancakeswap

👉Step 0: Setting up your Metamask Wallet

You need to set BSC mainnet as your network in your metamask or any other wallet that you are using. You can follow this to setup the network in your preferred wallet. Switch to BSC mainnet once you finish this.

Nord Token Contract Address : 0x6e9730EcFfBed43fD876A264C982e254ef05a0DE BUSD Token Contract Address : 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56

Some users may not see the correct BUSD balance in metamask even after adding a BUSD token given by metamask search. You may need to add the above contract address manually as a Custom Token.

👉Step 1: Add liquidity to NORD-BUSD Pool

NORD-BUSD Add Liquidity URL:

Once you connect your wallet, You will see a similar screen with balances for NORD and BUSD in your wallet.

If you are not able to see the NORD token in the list, use NORD token contract address in the search dialogue box and then manually add it.

Enter the amount of the NORD token you want to provide as liquidity. It will automatically show the amount of BUSD required. You will have to approve NORD and BUSD in order to supply the liquidity.

Once you click on each button, it will ask for your confirmation in your metamask wallet. Once both the approvals are done, 'Supply' button will be enabled.

Click on 'Supply' which will open the confirmation dialogue as shown here.

Click on 'Confirm Supply' which opens a metamask wallet popup for final transaction confirmation. Once the transaction is successful, it will reflect the amount of Cake-LP tokens (Pool tokens) you've received.

Congratulations!! You have successfully added liquidity to the NORD-BUSD pool on pancakeswap.

You can add more liquidity by using the 'Add' button and remove it by using the 'Remove' button.

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