Nord.Savings FAQs

Is there any fee to deposit and withdraw stablecoins ?

NORD Savings V1 has a 0.5% entry load on the stable coin deposits, there is no exit load. There is NO performance fee during the liquidity mining program. Nord.Savings maintains a reserve of about 20% of the total supply to make small withdrawals cheap. If the withdrawal amount is more than the reserve available, the withdrawal happens from the pools that Nord.Savings has supplied to.

How to see the complete balance of DAI/USDC/USDT/NORD on NORD Savings V1 dashboard?

We truncate the balance due as some ERC20 tokens have more decimals. You can see the complete balance by just hovering the mouse over the text.

What is nTokens (nUSDT/nDAI/nUSDC)?

nToken is interest-bearing token issued against your deposit. With yield farming on Nord Savings your nTokens (nUSDT/nDAI/nUSDC) will start accumulating interest on your deposits. When you withdraw, you will receive the original amount plus interest earned in your base token (USDT/DAI/USDC).